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Hydrating skincare and/or moisturizing?

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Hydrating skincare and moisturizing skincare are often used interchangeably; however, they are definitely two different applications.

In order to understand their differences, first, we need to know the difference between what is known as dry and dehydrated skin.

Moisturizing ingredients for dry skin

Dry skin has a natural disbalance in oil production, leading it to lack the necessary moistness for healthy-looking and feeling skin. Dry skin is flakey, cracked, and rough in texture because it is unable to keep water in due to excessive transepidermal loss, meaning the skin barrier is impaired and needs some extra help––enter moisturizers. Natural moisturizers such as ceramides, glycerin, and omega-fatty acids have the ability to seal in moisture and reinforce the skin’s natural barrier against water loss.

Moisturizers come in different shapes, such as lightweight lotions and gels suitable for warmer months and richer serums and creams for dry, cold weather, or considerably dry skin.

Hydrating skincare ingredients for dehydrated skin

On the other hand, dehydrated skin has an appearance of dull, lackluster complexions with fine lines and wrinkles more visible. Dehydrated skin means the cells are parched and starved of water; they are not plump and volumized and appear shriveled collectively.  Drinking plenty of water is the simplest way to hydrate your skin; however, in some cases, you need to include topical hydrators. Hyaluronic acid, aloe, and alpha-hydroxy acids are just some of natural humectants which have the ability to absorb large volumes of water. For example, hyaluronic acid can hold up to 100 times its weight in water

It is also possible for your skin to be both dehydrated and dry. Once you’ve figured out what your skin needs, the solution is relatively easy: if you have dehydrated skin, you need hydrating skincare ingredients, and if you have dry skin, you need moisturizing skincare ingredients.

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